Metal Forming

Why Choose ONYX?


Press and metal forming controls is a core competency group within ONYX Engineering. We have worked with some of the largest tonnage press lines in the world and offer experience in all aspects of your press and metal forming operations. Whether it be mechanical flywheel presses with clutch and brake control, mechanical transfer rails, electronic transfer rails, or hydraulic presses for die tryout operations, we can help.  We have experience in re-fitting press lines with the latest controls including blanking line systems with coil feeders, straighteners, and feed to length controls.  Our expertise includes main motor flywheel drives all the way to press to press automation systems.

Recently, ONYX has been performing a number of safety upgrades on existing press lines.  We offer a quick change alternative to changing out existing safety systems which will satisfy newer safety standards while ensuring minimum or no downtime of your existing press lines.

Destack feeders and automatic storage and retrieval systems are also systems where we have greatly improved the process.  There is not a single system in a stamping plant that ONYX Engineering has not had experience in designing, building, and implementing solutions for.

Let Our Work Speak For Itself


Press Electronic Transfer Feed Rail Controls

This video shows a recent project successfully completed by ONYX Engineering. This system employs 16 servo axis all electronically line shafted to the press slide position. It is capable of full automatic die change, line mode, single stroke mode, inch mode, and simulated mode operation independent of the press slide. All gripper angles and motion paths are programmable and are integrated into the automatic die change computer system.

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Shuttle Test and Tool

ONYX Engineering has been an active participant of the metal forming industry for many years, gaining a lot of valuable experience during that time. Here is a video from 2002 showcasing a shuttle test followed by a tool change. Over the 15 years since this video was taken, our expertise in this field has only grown stronger.



Press Line Automatic Die Change 

This video is an example of a typical successfully completed job by the team at ONYX Engineering. Watch and see how the experienced designers at ONYX have their drawings brought to life in real world job settings.