Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Capabilities

> Evaporators
> Batch Kitchens
> Inline Mixers
> Fillers
> Labelers
> Packers
> Conveyors
> Case Sorters
> Palletizing
> De-Palletizing
> Fryers
> Thermal Treating


Craft Brew Solutions

Integration of:
> Mash Tuns
> Lauter Tuns
> Brew Kettles
> Whirlpools
> Mash Lauters
> Mash Whirlpools
> Mash Kettles
> Kettle Whirlpools
> Mash Kettle Whirlpools


Let Our Work Speak For Itself


BIB (Boil In Bag) Line Controls Retrofit

Fully automated controls retrofit of an entire BIB Line. The project included complete line reorganization and integration of new and existing equipment and safety controls to create a modern food production line. Key elements included pick and place servo controls, synchronization of sub systems, and creation of advanced HMI (human machine interface) work stations. There was an associated sauce kitchen (not shown) with recipe batch management and CIP (clean in place) capability which was also part of the overall project.

Food and Beverage

ONYX Engineering has had Food and Beverage process controls as a core competency since the company's inception. Our knowledge in instrumentation and process controls goes beyond the technology and includes the science of food processing.