Artificial Intelligence

A Vision Breakthrough



As a control system integrator with over 28 years experience, ONYX Engineering has been offering machine vision integration from its introduction. We at ONYX recognize that integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with machine vision is the next evolution in the field.  By combining artificial intelligence with machine vision cameras and specialized AI software, ONYX system integrators can solve complex applications that in the past have been too difficult, too unreliable, and too expensive for traditional machine vision systems. 

Human-like, Accurate, and Fast 

Configuring A.I. for Vision 


Deep learning-based image analysis combines the specificity and flexibility of human visual inspection with the reliability, consistency, and speed of a computerized system. Deep learning-based software can now perform judgement-based part location, inspection, classification, and character recognition challenges more successfully than humans or traditional machine vision automation. Increasingly, leading manufacturers are turning to deep learning solutions and artificial intelligence to solve their most sophisticated automation challenges.

Powerful Capable Vision