Onyx Engineering Motion Control, Control Systems

Motion Control

ONYX has dedicated a group of professionals involved in the development and implementation of general motion control systems. We have vast experience in the design and implementation of turnkey, multi-axis servo systems in the automotive, press and metal, packaging, and food and beverage industries.

The ONYX Engineering team brings to the client the expertise gained from years of experience.  By constantly adapting and stretching the limits of motion control technology we commonly find innovative solutions to difficult and challenging applications.

Motion Control Projects

Listed is a small selection of general motion control projects that we have successfully completed:

  • Integrated a 3-axis gantry loader/unloader for a plastic injection mold press.
  • An aluminum-pouring turntable to unload aluminum castings.  Controlled a gantry loader for castings.
  • Programmed a 6-station dial machine designed to mill, drill, rough bore, and finish bore automotive components using a 4-axis motion controller.
  • Coordinated two axis press unloader to press motion.
  • Integrated 7 servomotors and amplifiers to motion controller cards for high-speed die lifter and de-stacker application in excess of 18 SPM.
  • Integrated a 3-axis servo gantry molten aluminum shot pourer.
  • Engineered and commissioned 5 axis servo turnover automation.