Case Study: Biofuel System Upgrade


Petrochemical Supplier Wants
to Offer Biofuel


Sterling Fuels, the largest Canadian marine fueling provider on the great lakes, was looking to increase the number of offered bunker biofuels at their Windsor Ontario facility. ONYX was asked to support changes to their delivery and supervisory system that would allow them to custom blend a number of biofuel products.



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The Problem

The customer wished to add the ability to custom blend biofuels from its existing collection of bunkers. Bunker fuels are delivered with a fixed blend, but their large lake freighter customers desired more custom blends to make their engines run with lower CO2 and sulfur emmissions to reduce their carbon footprint. ONYX had already provided a new and improved lubricant delivery system. They wanted the same exceptional service when modifying their fuel delivery systems.

The Solution

ONYX Engineering worked with their existing custody transfer metering system and helped incorporate some new, high flow mixing valves to provide the ability to create custom blended bio-fuel mixes. They also provided some changes to the system, giving it the same reliable interface as the lubrication system

The Results

The biofuel recipes and new valves provided the additional blend capability in time for the coming season. A better variety of product offerings for their customers, and larger portfolio of product offerings to their customers.

Project Details




About 2 months





 Client: Sterling Fuels

1 - Project Manager
1 -  Process Engineer
3 - Electricians
2 - Station Operators



1 - Project Manager
1 - Controls Engineer



Services Provided

Control Engineering and design

HMI Programming

Start-up and commissioning








Aveva Wonderware Software

Modbus Ethernet/IP